Boats past and present…

Peewit – Skipper 17

Circa 2009. Sailed mainly on the Norfolk Broads and Blackwater Estuary. A lot of whisky was consumed. This was a good size trailerable day sailier. Easy to use and simple.

2 seat Kayaks – Kiwi 3

I have these in the UK for river tours.

Exo – Hobie 16

Hobie 16, paid around HKD35000. Named Exo after the latin name for flying fish, Exocoetidae.

More on the logo design I did for this here.

“The RIB” – China brand

I ordered this one on Alibaba and imported it to Hong Kong from China. I bought a second hand 4hp Yama-hammer 2 stroke. This cost around HKD7000 to get petrol tank, outboard, delivery to my office.

This sparked a boating frenzy with 4-5 other boats appearing on the same beach over the coming year.

We had a really good time on this one, with stories like driving 6 people across the power station bay in an Amber rainstorm at 11pm.

The Lady Wray – Yamaha SRV-20

Overpowered 85HP 2-stroke Yamaha SRV-20. This was a LOT of fun. I bought this one on facebook marketplace for around HKD60,000. It didn’t end well being sold for HKD500 to local fishermen in mint condition.

GLOWPLUG – Moody 36CC 1979

The point where it went too far. Found on Moody Owners Association website.

Highlander – Contest 41

A contest 41 and a new chapter in the adventure log.