Formalities: Sailing our own Yacht from Sarandë, Albania to Corfu, Greece without an agent in 2023.


Crossing a border into the EU without having sailed in EU waters before under this registration.

Clearing out of Albania

This was really easy I contacted an agent Agim Zholi as I was sailing into Sarandë. I present documents I’d received in Durres on Whatsapp. Albania requires an agent to clear in and out. This process cost around EUR 80 in Sarandë, possibly half that in Durres. I arrived in the evening, around 8pm and dropped anchor right in the middle of Sarandë harbour, Google Maps.

Albania is pretty relaxed around coming ashore it seems and I was free to roam without waiting in a customs berth as might be expect in Croatia or Montenegro. The process was completed in about 30 minutes and I stopped for a beer and stupidly cheap pizza.

I stocked up on diesel and set off for Corfu around 9:30pm.

Corfu Clearing In

Assuming the offices in Corfu all closed around 9PM I dropped anchor near the harbour in a sheltered area. The next morning motored ashore. The process is a bit convoluted with a few backward and forward trips to different offices detailed in this map. Despite reports of the Greek staff being really unfriendly the experience I had was fantastic, the staff spoke very good English and were friendly. The whole process took around 2 hours.

The order was…

Anchorage > Port Police > Customs > Passport Control

That was it. I was issued a logbook, vingette and everything else. It probably cost less than


This is probably a topic for another post about Logbook is in Greece, but the logbook needs to be handed to the police port on the for the region you plan to drop anchor in. I did this when going into storage in Nyrdi. I will need to get a document back from the local port police in Nydri when I retrieve Glowplug next.

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